Introduction to our integrated diagnostics

Integrated diagnostics is a worldwide trend in health care reforms and new organizational arrangements focusing on more coordinated and integrated forms of care provision. Integrated care covers a complex and comprehensive field, THT (Trinity Healthcare Technologies) focus on how to translate the integrated care by using the word 'One Interface', where system can integrate all in house devices or outside world utilities, so that the health care professionals can focus on patient care,  improve services in relation to access, quality, user satisfaction and efficiency, also reduce the overall cost dramatically.

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    Announcement Of Business Name Change

    TORONTO: Aug 31, 2017— As the letterhead indicates, we have recently changed the name of our business from “OscarService” to “Trinity Healthcare Technologies (THT)”. There has been no change in management or staff and we will be providing the OSCAR EMR and many new products and services on which we have built our reputation in the...
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    Integrated Diagnose

    In the last 3 decades, perinatal medicine has made tremendous advances in scientific knowledge and in the successful application of this knowledge toward understanding the fetal aspects of pregnancy. Evaluation of the health of the fetus and screening for birth defects has become an important part of prenatal care. OSCARSERVICE made it possible for...