Our Mission and Vision

THT (Trinity Healthcare Technologies) was founded in 2007 (previously OscarService) to help get rid of paper from the doctor’s office use the open source clinical application resource software (OSCAR) and make every single connection for the doctor — to the ministry , to the lab, and to the doctor’s supply chain. The intent was to digitize the communication and workflow between a physician’s office and the rest of healthcare so that doctors could efficiently communicate with the world outside. We are on a mission to make a change in healthcare by providing technology and services to reduce costs, reduce errors, and improve the quality of care. We are creating tools to bridge the gap between providers and patients, hospitals and private practices, and healthcare facilities and payers. Our unified solutions allow organizations to work together to make healthcare faster, smarter, and more convenient.


THT (Trinity Healthcare Technologies) is the leading clinical software and solution provider in the industry, with more than 1200 doctors and nurse practitioners using our solutions. Our skills, knowledge, integrity and attention to customer service combine to make us a popular software and solution provider and leader in the industry. We offer a complete suite of software products, and a variety of services to make our customer work more efficiently and reduce cost.

THT (Trinity Healthcare Technologies) is a company of passionate individuals who work hard toward success. the individuals working inside encompass a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, from large companies to start-ups, from computer expertise in hardware, software, mobile to related expertise in healthcare, education and science. We are one amazing, eclectic and diverse family. It is with our smarts, hard work, innovation and passion for helping the world become a healthier place which makes our products and services possible. We enjoy working in a dynamic and fast paced environment where we welcome all the challenges ever-changing and new technology from around the world. We thrive on the excitement of change! We are young, eager, and see endless opportunities to explore and grow together with you.

We are a privately held company, which means we are able to listen to what our customers say and respond to their needs. We are consistently profitable year after year, with more than 25% growth yearly.

What is the THT Integrated Diagnostics?

We know that integrated diagnostics is a worldwide trend in health care reforms and new organizational arrangements focusing on more coordinated and integrated forms of care provision. Integrated care covers a complex and comprehensive field, THT (Trinity Healthcare Technologies) focus on how to translate the integrated care by using the word 'One Interface', where system can integrate all in house devices or outside world utilities, so that the health care professionals can focus on patient care,  improve services in relation to access, quality, user satisfaction and efficiency, also reduce the overall cost dramatically.

Making EMR, PACS, LIS integrating seamlessly together, meaning connecting all in house modalities and analyzers with your EMR and exchange data in a real time manner, also means send orders and receive reports are now driven automatically and electronically. No human error any more.

Utilize the new technology trend and integrate technology such as PHR, ePrescriber, eFax etc is another work we do to facilitate the healthcare professionals overcome the difficulty communicate with the outside of the world.

We keep expanding and extending the integrated diagnostics range to reach unlimited possibilities.

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