ACCURATE LIS - The best solution for in house analyzer connectivity with complicated calculation and report function.

All Analyzers Supported


Compatible with all different analyzer brand like Roche cobas, Siemens, Toshiba... Interface can also support TCP/IP protocol for all new models or serial protocol if running old models.

HL7 Ready


Part of the THT (Trinity Healthcare Technologies) integrated diagnose system, the LIS system can be seamlessly integrated with EMR, lab report can be sent electronically to EMR and direct into provider's inbox, and key lab measurement value can also populated directly into patient's chart inside EMR. Ordering test and receive result with just 1 click.

Powerful Calculation & Report Engine


The engine is flexible enough to be feed with any mathematical equation and the system accuracy will calculate the final result according to the equation roles defined by user. The system can calculate the out of range results according to the out of range roles created by user. The system uses different roles to calculate the out of range like patient age and gender. These roles are defined by the administration. Many reports are supported including counters , comparisons, alerts ...etc