RAPID PACS - A leading cloud based image management technology that integrate with EMR

All Modality Supported


Rapid PACS is ready to interphase with any PACS ready device, and supports any DICOM ready devices, such as ultrasound, bone density, mammograms and more.

Exceptionally Cost-Effective


The System offers the same functionality of any leading software in its category without the huge price tag.

Feature Rich


Offers Medical 3D and colour Image Web Viewer with full enhanced functionality like measurements, annotations, rotations among other features. As part of the iClinicalSoft integrated diagnose, Rapid PACS also integrate with EMR optimizing the working flow and user experience.



Reliability leveraging world class infrastructure – IBM based systems .  Accessibility from any location with effective online methods to retrieve patient data. Premium quality offered through ease of use, scalability, quick transfer of data. Innovation leveraging world class API controls, web portal, mobile apps and more. Disaster recovery processes that is repeatable and surpasses industry standards. Zero installation required on your device.